Stay Prepped: 10 Steps to Succeeding in College (and Having a Ball Doing It)!


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College is the best four years of your life, as the saying goes. So what makes this experience so wonderful for some students, and not so wonderful for others? The answer is simple: knowing what to expect, preparing for it, and following the steps provided to ensure you not only successfully complete your studies (and graduate), but also have fun, meet lifelong friends, and create cherished memories.

In this follow-up to Prepped for Success: What Every Parent Should Know About the College Application Process, current and incoming undergraduates are provided a roadmap for navigating through the college maze. Using her own successes (and challenges) as a college student, as well as those of current and former students, Dr. Nicki Washington discusses topics and strategies that go far beyond the classroom, including: Dorm life and different types of roommates; money management; finding financial aid opportunities; maintaining physical and mental health; developing proper time-management and study skills; and information for first-generation college students.

Will everything go as planned? Probably not. Will there be bumps along the journey? Absolutely. However, Stay Prepped will help students minimize any stumbling blocks and maximize the potential for their college experience to truly be the best time of their lives.

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